Full Grooming Includes

Nail cut, ears cleaned (plucked, if necessary), pre-clip, de-matting (if necessary), brush out, bath, style and finishing.


Other Services:

Bath and Brush out

Brushing (bath not included) providing no matts

Sanitary, trim pads, feet and around face: $10-$15, depending on breed

Nail cut only: $5-$10, depending on breed

Ears cleaned (plucked if necessary): $5-$10, depending on breed

Anal Gland Expression: $15

All Baths start at $15 and up, depending on breed and type of bath requested. We offer:

Oatmeal/Baking Soda Bath

Conditioning Bath (for dryer coats)

Flea Bath

De-skunking Bath


Please Call Christine for more pricing information, as prices vary depending on breed, quality and thickness of dog’s coat, styles and size of dog.

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