C.L Grooming is a unique, individually owned and operated professional dog grooming salon that serves Windsor and the surrounding Essex County area.

My name is Christine, owner of C.L Grooming and my aim is to please you and your dog in all the right ways. Professional, personal, caring, honest and trustworthy attention to you and your pet is my priority. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and its appearance is big part of that responsibility as well.  At my place, I will enhance all of your dog’s wonderful features to your liking. I understand that certain breeds require significant time combing and brushing and with your busy schedule you just don’t have the time. But that’s where I come in!

As a member of the Ontario Dog Groomer’s Association I am constantly reminded of the current trends/changes.  I have the latest up to date information and am always educating myself to improve and satisfy you and to better serve your dog.  I have twenty years experience in the animal industry. Not only grooming professionally but also hands on in other areas such as Animal Control, boarding kennels and pet first aide. Working in this field has not only given me the opportunity to do what I like but it has also given me the knowledge of what consumers like you are really looking for concerning their family pet.

Grooming a dog is not only about blades, scissors or styles but more so about the connection and compatible relationship that can be built with a dog you see often. I found that a huge majority of my consumers not only rely upon the “know how” of my grooming techniques but also very much so on my ability to comfort, ease and connect with their four legged family member.

Connection, compatibility, trust, knowledge and confidence between your dog and myself is so important. In time, both of us learn to know each other and work together. So why not have the best of both worlds and come to my place, C.L Grooming and get a great look and feel for your dog at a reasonable price and have a happier dog with no worries.

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